ALPHA PELLETS plant is located in PRATZ a few kilometers from Colombey-les-Deux-Églises. It is a plant for the processing of products and by-products of plant origin destined for animal feed: dry cereals husk and straw. Apart from the above-mentioned activity, Alphapellets is a wood pellets producer, using wet sawdust as raw material.
Meanwhile, PRODESA is engaged in Technical Due Diligence, studying the current production process. Consequently, they make an analysis of potential improvements, and supply required solutions.
In the first phase, we focused the analysis on:
  • Productive capacity increase (current capacity is 6,0 ton/h wood pellet and 10 ton/h cereal pellet) due to Bottleneck, productivity, breakdown, and capacity increase
  • Control process, automation
  • Plant Operation, Logistic, loading/unloading
  • Prevention and protection safety analysis and emissions control.
In the second phase, we are currently working on with new process lines analysis and supply of:
  • Complete retrofitting of the control process, that is, automation SCADA, spark detection, firefighting equipment, dust filtration
  • Adding intermediate storage and replacement of existing milling line which adds a complete pelleting line
  • Replacement of drying line
  • Straw preparation, pellet production as well as press baling
  • Dosing and mixing milled straw, cereal husk, and wood in order to produce agrofuel pellets
  • Wood logs debarking and chipping lines meant for wood pellet production