Gas treatment

Recuperative thermal oxidation

It consists of oxidizing fuel compounds from a gas flow, at a temperature higher than its autoignition point, during a fixed time and with optimal mixing conditions.
Time, temperature, turbulence and oxygen presence allow CO2 and steam production from the hydrocarbons in the gas flow. These parameters vary with the compounds’ nature.

In order to use the thermal energy from the purified gases following systems can be installed:

  • Heat exchanger which allows pre-warm-up of the input gases
  • Boiler which generates steam or hot water
  • Thermal fluid heaters
  • ecoDry System

Recuperative thermal oxidation characteristics:

  • Gas flows up to 30.000 Nm3/h
  • Reaction temperature: 750–1200 ºC
  • It allows considerable variations in gas flow and concentration
  • It enables working with wide concentration ranges (up to 100 % LEL), with appropiate security measures
  • High VOC destruction ranges 99%
  • Suitable for any kind of fuel, organic compound and waste liquid
  • Advisable when working with high VOC concentrations and if there can be energy use in plant