ProGranul Toro Pellet Mill

ProGranul Toro Pellet Mill. Advanced pelleting by PRODESA

ProGranul Toro pellet mill series is the leading pellet for the global pellet production industry.

More robust and more reliable, Toro pellet mill models ensure high production performance with the best quality at the lowest cost per ton.

1. Frame and Body

2. Main Shaft and Pulley

3. Twin Transmission

4. Slow Die Rotation System

5. Roller Temperature Control

6. Multi-Knives System

Download ProGranul Toro Pellet Mill Catalogue

THOR 3 Min
THOR 2 Min
Toro 3
Galeria Toro PM 1
Galeria Toro PM 2 Mini
Galeria Toro PM 3 Mini