ProGranul Equipment. Pellet Mill and Hammer Mill

ProGranul Equipment. Pellet mill and hammer mill. Advanced pelleting by PRODESA

PRODESA makes the most of their experience in designing and manufacturing upgraded capital equipment for pellet production such as pellet mills or hammer mills. ProGranul Equipment is based on decades of knowledge and direct experience with pellet production processes.

Highly robust and reliable mills that go beyond any other equipment available on the market guaranteeing the best production performance, the lowest operating cost and the finest quality of final product.

Toro Pellet Mill

Thor Dry Hammer Mill

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Highly specialized capital equipment to help you construct a high performance milling and pelleting line.

Effective and efficient units for all type of raw material from wood to hemp, bagasse, alfalfa, peanut hulls, straw, and even waste. The Progranul Toro and Thor have your production covered!

Thanks to over 20 years of direct experience on the pelleting industry and in-house development, we can guarantee the high production and consistent quality with our Progranul capital equipment.

Three models of Progranul Toro pellet mill for the best adaptation with the raw material. Every step in the manufacturing processes is driven to guarantee a longer lifespan, an easier to maintain and a higher rate of capacity pellet mill for your facility

Progranul Toro pellet mills are perfectly suited to any hard or soft wood species, offering a high throughput, steady mechanical durability and low wear part cost in the harshest conditions.

Three models of Progranul Thor hammer mill to suit different capacity needs, manufactured in accordance with project and customer requirements and available for a wide range of raw material.

Progranul Thor dry hammer mills are engineered and designed perfectly to work on fibrous material including sawdust, wood shavings and microchips as well as other agro material such as alfalfa, bagasse or straw…

Galeria Progranul Equipment
Galeria Progranul Equipment
Galeria Progranul Equipment
Galeria Progranul Equipment
Galeria Progranul Equipment
Galeria Progranul Equipment