PRODESA has signed an agreement to accomplish two pellet plants under turnkey contracts in Belarus. The projects expect to come online in early 2021 and deliver up to 20 ton/hour of industrial wood pellets.

The plants will be located near Vitebsk and Polotsk cities, in the northeast part of the country. The facilities consist of; a wet line, which includes debarking, chipping and milling line; a belt dryer; and the pelleting line, storage and product output.

Belt dryer pellet plant Prodesa
The new plants will have a 240m belt dryer

PRODESA will be responsible for the complete design, procurement and construction of the plants. This full integrated service covers all the engineering, the manufacture and purchase processes, the supervision of the erection and the commissioning both the start-up and the training.

In order to ensure the best performance, PRODESA, through its operations branch Smart Operations, will establish a workshop in Belarus to provide after-sales assistance.

Pellet plant video
Some of the recent pellet plants projects from PRODESA

Some of the previous projects PRODESA has developed are shown in the video. These projects are a way to enlarge Prodesa European pipeline and consolidates the Company as a worldwide player.