Prodesa Medioambiente has just become member of Propellet, the French Association 

Propellet logo

Who is Propellet?

Propellet France is the national association of wood pellet heating.

It brings together demanding professionals who are committed to the quality and development of the wood pellet industry.

The association was created in 2008 to serve the needs of a growing industry.


  1. Networking and creating links between professionals and partners in the sector
  2. Promote wood pellet heating.
  3. Structuring a quality sector
  4. To act as an economic observatory

Today Propellet has nearly 85 members:

  • Pellet manufacturers
  • Manufacturers and distributors of pellet stoves and boilers
  • Installers of stoves and boilers
  • Consulting firms
  • Various professionals involved in wood pellets

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