Generally speaking, all structures of the buildings have installed and lateral enclosures have started been arisen.

Just in a few days next important milestone will take place: The arrival of the Biomass Boiler. Everything has to be ready soon, taking into account the start up is arrange for this autumn.

Let’s make a tour around different parts of the project!



Assembly stage is already finished. Winterization is the phase pending at this moment but it will start in the following weeks.

Moving floors. Already finished including the shaving enclosure of the moving floors


Closed Intermediate Storage

Construction is finished waiting for the installation of the venting panels.

This system works as a security one. In case of explosion they are opened to liberate pressure may be generated inside the building.

Besides this, feeding conveyor and outbound is already assembled



Undoubtedly next stop must be the Pelletizing line. High degree of completion in this area: 3 pellet presses already installed, as well as the buffer silo, cooler and cyclone


Cyclone: image of the installation


Image of the buffer silos installation



Hammer mill installed, with its steel structure just pending in a couple of weeks the feeding hopper to hammer mill installation.




Chipping Line: This area is around 100% to be finished



Regarding Debarking, Bark belt conveyor and log feeding conveyor are already installed, while debarking machine will be installed at the end of this month.