PRODESA brings out Smartpellet, a predictive software to monitor production process, forecast manufacture levels and assess main indicators performance. Smartpellet uses Machine Learning predictive models to assess the production efficiency main indicators and presents them in a customized visual board with real-time data, which will become a key tool to pellet producers to maintain the highest quality, maximize production and minimize costs.

PRODESA smartpellet production controll

PRODESA relied on INYCOM, which is high quality technology solutions and services Company, to implement the software. The Corporation, specialized on Information and Communication Technologies, develop beside PRODESA an intelligent system that allows a high degree of control of the pellet production process, fully monitoring it.

Due to the wide range of factors involved in the pelleting process, to develop a software for a total control and optimization of the production it has been a great challenge to face. As a leading pellet plant producer, PRODESA works to ensure the best performance and profitability while producing the finest quality of pellets.

PRODESA smartpellet software for production control

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PRODESA Smartpellet control production software