Prodesa in Russia. Asia Les Project
One of the biggest Cogeneration plant with Biomass using ORC technology (Organic Cycle of Rankine) in the world.

Pellet plant capacity: 80.000 t/year. Around 100% of the pelleting line is finalized!
Raw material processing:  Wood chips wet milling
Drying technology: Belt dryer 157 m2
Pellets storage: 2 silos x 2.500 m3

Asia Les. Storage finished   1262-PELLET STORAGE (8)

Coming soon:
ORC Gross electric power: 4.500 kW
ORC Thermal power: 23.240 kW
ASIA Les is a sawmill located in Khabarovsk in the Russian Far East at 200 km from the coast. As part of the extension of the existing sawmill, this customer has entrusted us with the supply of the largest cogeneration unit type ORC to date as well as the design of the production line of wood pellets, the heat of this unit Cogeneration plant is used for the production of pellets and for the drying of boards

The production
The production unit is composed of: an ORC cogeneration unit running on Biomass with an electrical power of 4.5 MWe, a pellet production plant incorporating: a milling woodchip production line, a belt dryer of 157 m², a refining and granulation line, bulk storage silos and a truck loading station.

Key points
The unit operates under extremely low temperature conditions below 35 ° C. The production of electricity is self-consumed by all the industrial tools; the excess of electric energy is sold to the local network.