Prodesa, finalist, among 1,770 companies, to be awarded with the Spain National SME of the Year Award 2021, a recognition promoted by Banco Santander and the Chamber of Commerce.

In behalf of everyone in the Company, the President, José Ignacio Pedrajas and the co-CEOs, José Ricardo Castro and Carlos Isábal attended to the awards ceremony in Banco Santander headquarters in Madrid on 2022, March 18th.

Prodesa oficinas Zaragoza

Finally, Seabery Augmented Technology won the prize while the other finalist companies were Plymag, Biorizon Biotech, and Formaspack. In addition to the National SME 2021 Award, five prizes were awarded in the areas of Internationalization, Innovation and digitalization, Employment, Responsible Company and Covid reaction.

Prodesa - premio PYME 2021 Zaragoza

Last October, Prodesa won the SME of the Year Award in ZaragozaPRODESA is a major player in the biomass production plants industry with over 20 years of experience and projects in more than 15 countries in Europe, Russia, America, and Asia.

Pellet plant commissioning

An engineering company that designs, builds and maintains wood pellet plants or any of its processing lines worldwide. In addition, the company has its own manufacturing division for capital equipment such as press and hammer mills under the brand ProGranul, and operates an extensive network of workshops to supply aftermarket services.

The headquarters are in Spain while there are subsidiaries in the US, France, Latvia and Vietnam.

PRODESA ingenieria planta pellets

Updated – 2022, 03-21