November 26, 2020

PRODESA receives the «Extraordinary Prize for an International Career» awarded by the Zaragoza Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services. This recognition rewards not only the international career, with an export volume above 90% since 2010, but also the support of their evolution on innovation and technology, and the contribution to the protection of the environment. Currently, PRODESA is developing turnkey projects around the world; complete, containerized plants and process lines in countries such as Canada, Belarus, France, the United States or Vietnam. PRODESA also provides after-sales services to biomass plants worldwide from its technical centers.

On the third day of the Internationalization Week of the 2019 Export Awards, organized by the Chamber of Commerce, the Director and Founder of the Company, José Manuel Martínez, and the Commercial Director, José Ricardo Castro, of behalf of the team, received the award. With delegation in five countries and projects in more than fifteen, this recognition presents another reason to work ever harder to provide the best pellet plants around the world.