PRODESA’s After Sales Service was born from the need to provide clients with a full service in operations and maintenance of biomass and pelleting plants.

  • Our staff has a large experience for the services required by our clients once the plant is assembled and ready to operate.
  • The main target of PRODESA’s After Sales Service is to maintain the client satisfaction after the plant delivery.
  • Our main activities are Revamping and Equipment Revamping, Plant Operation and Maintenance, Technical Assistance Services and Spare and Ware parts delivery and management.

Revamping of existing plants

With over 10 years of experience in the wood pellet production, PRODESA has acquired a know-how and experience that allows us to offer additional services to existing plants in order to analyze their installations and their process with the objective to propose and supply modifications to optimize the performance of the plant.

Equipment Revamping

Thanks to a long and strong relationship with our main partners in the pelleting business we are able to provide to our customers:

  • Troubleshooting: for all key equipment: conveyors, dryers, hammer mills, pellet mills etc.
  • Revamping and upgrading of existing equipment.

Operation and Maintenance

  • Maximal operating capacity and maximal production are required to achieve the installations profitability, for this reason the support and assistance of an experimented and qualify workforce is required during the biomass treatment, solving problems fast and increasing the plant viability.
  • Several requirements and opportunities come from each client and PRODESA develops each solution with the required scope of supply by the client for Operation and Maintenance  


Oversee the production process; Online management tools (coordination with Prodesa Office Engineers ); Drawing up a production schedule; Ensure that the production is cost effective; Decide what resources are required; Monitor product standards and implement quality-control programs; Ensure that health and safety guidelines are followed; Train, supervise and motivate a team of workers; Supervise the quality manager.


Manage and oversee the preventive and continuous maintenance; Forecast interventions and schedule; Manage the needed stock of wear and spare parts; Coordinate special maintenance with the manufacturer service; Study and report the maintenance Key Performance Indicators (KPI); Identify maintenance workforce and equipment needs.

Technical assistance services

Taking into account the highly skilled and experienced staff, PRODESA is able to offer fast service with the required guarantees and modernization & upgrading of the existing plant.

  • Scheduled maintenance: planning in order to guarantee the performance of the equipment.
  • Specific interventions: The best solutions for any kind of problem or incident.
  • Continuous improvements: Thanks to the continuous development of new installations and due to our experience in the sector, we provide the last upgrades on biomass treatment, ensuring the continuous improvement of the installations with the aim to increase feasibility.
  • In order to complete the technical service required by the client, we include the Remote Operation Service in our scope of services

Spare and wear parts delivery and management. SERVICE SHOP in Prodesa North America

With the Service Shop opening in Atlanta, GA, PRODESA has the aim to assure our clients Available stock for roller parts, Delivery of Spare and Wear parts according to the clients’ requirements, Consumables Contract (tailor made solution for each customer)  including: new dies, refurbished dies, refurbished and  roll assemblies, Die customizing and Technical expertise in troubleshooting for rollers to your specifications.

Roller shell grinding machine

  • New wear part: dies, rollers, shell, bearing, sealing, shaft…
  • Die refurbishment: grinding, cone repairing
  • Rolls refurbishment: shell grinding, bearing, sealing and shell replacement
  • Pellet mill spare parts supply: belts, safety pins, scrappers, bearings, main shaft, main bearings…
  • Hammer mill parts supply: screen, hammers, rotor…
  • High performance grease for rollers


Service Shop and Die grinding machine


Inlet cone drilling machine