Thermal Drying

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PRODESA is an engineering and manufacturing company specialized in the supply of thermal drying turnkey plants.

Available technologies:

  • Low temperature belt dryer
  • Direct drum dryer

Main sectors of application:

  • Sawdust, shavings, woodchips
  • Bagaze
  • Alfalfa and other fodder
  • Fruit pulp
  • Starch

Low Temperature Belt Dryer

The low temperature belt dryer is a technology that enables the use of waste energies from other process such as hot air (direct), hot water or steam (indirect). This makes the belt dryer a suitable technology to be combined with cogeneration plants: CHP (Combine Heat & Power) , gasification, ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle), etc.


Besides, as it works with low temperatures, it keeps the physical and chemical product properties unaltered. This represents an advantage especially for the wood sector, as it enables to produce high quality wood pellets.

PRODESA works as licensee of the Swiss company W. Kunz dryTec AG, leader in the agroiindustrial dehydration market that commercialises its products under the brand name Swiss Combi with a 50-year experience.

Direct Drum Dryer

The direct drum dryer is a high temperature drying technology.

The drum dryer is a classic drying technology and has a high energy efficiency. The exhaust gases coming from a furnace, a NG burner or other process, enter directly in the drum and pass through it with the wet product. At the drum’s outlet, a gas treatment system is required to separate the product from the gas stream and avoid particle emissions to the atmosphere, as well as VOC’s.

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