Biomass Cogeneration

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Cogeneration is an easy way to produce both electricity and heat (thermal energy)

During cogeneration of biomass, 30% to 35% of its energy content is transformed into electrical power and 55% to 60% into useable heat. The generated heat can be used for urban heating network, industrial process, drying wood board and any kind of wood residues.

The combination of biomass cogeneration and belt dryer allows to convert low-end biomass as bark, small branches and recycling wood into electricity and heat and high-end biomass such as sawdust, wood chips and fire wood (manly logs) into wood pellets.

Combination of biomass cogeneration and belt dryer makes a virtuous circle: reduction of energy consumption, reduction of emission of greenhouse gases, production of green electrify and production of solid biofuel (pellets).