10-12 April 2017, the 10th International Biomass Conference & Expo will take place in Minneapolis.

Minneapolis in the state of Minnesota, is very rich in water, with about twenty lakes and wetlands, the Mississippi River, streams and waterfalls, many connected by avenues in Chain of Lakes and Grand Rounds Scenic Byway, hence its nickname “City of Lakes”. The city was once flour milling capital and timber activity center, while today it is the main business hub between Chicago and Seattle. Having said that is easy to understand why one of the most Biomass Conference and Expositions in the world will take place here.

Prodesa North America will attend the Conference and Expo where 3 Pre conference events, more than 40 Professional Biomass Speakers and 1500 attendees expected during these 3 busy days.

Our CEO, Jose Ignacio Pedrajas in the International Biomass Conference & Expo

The program will include 30-plus panels and more than 100 speakers, including 90 technical presentations on topics all within the structured framework of four customized tracks:

See full agenda and details at: http://bit.ly/2nRwCNe