O&M Service

Gases treatment plant

SMART OPERATIONS offers several solutions for gases treatment plants thanks to the acquired experience and knowledge about the management and operation of installed PRODESA plants.

Our scope of services is ready for different technologies:

  • Recuperative thermal oxidation
  • Regenerative thermal oxidation
  • Catalytic oxidation
  • Rotoconcentrator
  • Solvent recovery

SMART OPERATIONS provides the following services:

Scheduled maintenances:

SMART OPERATIONS provides preventive scheduled maintenances in order to guarantee the performance and efficiency of the process. These works are mainly proposed with a fixed frequency. The scope of supply of the services will comply with the features of each installation and the client requirements.

Specific interventions:

SMART OPERATIONS staff could provide the best solutions for any kind of problem or incident during the plant operation. Given a fast service with the required guarantees to the client.

Continuous improvements:

Thanks to the continuous development of new installations and due to our experience in the sector, SMART OPERATIONS provides to their clients the last upgrades about gases treatment, ensuring the continuous improvements of the installation with the aim to increase the feasibility.

In order to complete the technical service required by the client, SMART OPERATIONS includes the remote operation service in his scope of services.