Prodesa will be using the FutureMetrics operations team led by John Swaan for startup and commissioning training for its pellet projects.
Prodesa, the leading company in designing and building complete pellet production plants, and FutureMetrics, the leading consultancy to the pellet sector, are teaming up under a new partnership agreement. Under the agreement, FutureMetrics operations expert, John Swaan, will lead a team that trains the operators of new Prodesa pellet plants throughout the startup and commissioning phases of the project.
Prodesa‘s world-class EPC offering, and track record of successful pellet mills designed and built in Europe, the US, and Asia, is well complimented by FutureMetrics’ deep operational expertise gained from John Swaan’s decades of experience in producing wood pellets. FutureMetrics‘ consulting services have resulted in improved operations at newly commissioned and existing pellet mills in North and South America, Europe, and Asia.
That knowledge and wisdom will be applied to Prodesa’s state-of-the-art new pellet plants to ensure that the operators have the shortest learning curve possible to reach safe and stable operations while producing high-quality wood pellets.
FutureMetrics is recognized as one of the leading global consultants in the wood pellet sector. FutureMetrics provides information, analysis, operations guidance, and strategic advice to many of the world’s leading companies in the wood pellet sector. FutureMetrics’ experience and expertise covers every part of the wood pellet supply chain.

Press Release, FutureMetrics 14/02/2018