Expobiomasa 2017 brought together in only four days, all the professionals involved in the thriving business of biomass: forest machinery companies, solid biofuels industries, manufacturers, distributors and installers of heating systems, especialty stoves and boilers, ESCO, industries and other large consumers of heat, heated water and process steam, as well as ancillary industry, engineering, investment groups,… All the professionals involved in generating savings for biomass consumers met in September in Valladolid.

Over 18,000 professionals with high-tech profiles and decision-making power visited Expobiomasa to do business. EXPOBIOMASA is the professionals’ fair, where we:

  • Reinforce relationships with existing clients.
  • Meet potential clients.
  • Offer solutions and technology.
  • Present what’s new: projects, products, services.
  • Position a brand among the professionals

PRODESA did not want to miss the opportunity of being part of this biomass meeting point in Spain and we were there, in the Spanish biomass arena. We would like to thank the clients and all visitors for spending their time with us. We hope the fair has been profitable for your businesses.



Taking advantage of the Expobiomasa exhibition 11th Edition of International Bioenergy Congress took place at the same time.

The 11 edition of International Bioenergy Congress, organized by AVEBIOM, looks towards the future under the slogan BIOENERGY 4.0. CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES”.

PRODESA was invited to participate in this edition under the Digital solutions and Technologies session. The speech presented by Ismael Sanz, Construction Project Manager  was titled “Predictive maintenance system for pellet plants.”

The conference was divided into two sessions. A first session in which companies that have already begun their digital transformation shared their experiences, and a second session in which  digital solutions and technologies applicable to the manufacturing processes of biofuels, combustion equipment, intelligent control of facilities, etc. where exposed.

It was a very interesting technical session and a success on attendance. We would like to thank the organizers for having given PRODESA the honor to participate in this panel.