Prodesa in Latvia: AVOTI PROJECT.
Assembly stage has already started!!

Pellet plant capacity: 110.000 t/year
Debarking, Chipping & Milling
Belt dryer, Hot Water Boiler, Hammer mill, 3 Pellet Mills, 5t/h each
Pellets storage: 2 silos x 500 m3
Pellets quality: A1 / I1

Avoti Assembly in Latvia
Our client Avoti, decided to install cogeneration in partnership with a local energy company. The electricity produced will be sold on the network and the heat will be used to dry the boards and to dry the associated products in order to produce pellets.

The production
The granulate production unit is composed of: a Biomass Steam Cogeneration unit, a Biomass Boiler producing hot water, a Debarking & Milling machine for the logs, A line for Milling, a Feed line for the variety of raw materials, Pelleting line, Silos, Bulk Storage and a Truck loading system.

Key points
The unit allows the processing and mixing various types of raw material: log, sawdust, chips.
The 10MW thermal boiler (bigger than cogeneration) makes it possible to compensate for the large variations in outside temperature and humidity of the material between summer and winter.