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The company PRODESA MEDIOAMBIENTE S.L. informs you that this website uses its own and the third parties´ Cookies (automatic data collection processes) that help us to adapt our website to your needs.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are stored in your computer when you access certain websites. Cookies enable the website to collect User information such as the browser or operating system used, the reference website, the user’s registered name, display preferences and configuration, and the ISP (Internet Service Provider) domain. This information helps us to recognize the User.

You can control the cookies: accept, delete or disable them

Users can specify whether to accept cookies sent from advertising servers, or to only accept cookies from sites that they trust. You can also manage how long a cookie remains on your computer, or program your computer to request permission every time a website wants to send a cookie. If you do not wish to send cookies to our systems, you can disable them. You can control this from your browser, deleting them from your browsing history (cache) at the end of your visit.

Cookies installed on your computer can be rejected or deleted by setting the browser options installed on your computer:

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However, if you do not allow cookies, some of our website’s services or functionality may not be available.

Cookies used in this website

Following the guidelines of the Spanish Agency of Data Protection we proceed to detail the use of cookies made by our website.

  • Session cookies: to ensure that Users who writes comments on the blog are human and not automated applications. This way spam is avoided.
  • Google Analytics: Stores cookies for statistics of the traffic volume and number of visits of this web. By using this website you are automatically registered by Google. Therefore, all the questions regarding rights and regulations must be solved by communicating directly with Google.
  • Piwik: It allows to collect statistical data of traffic volume and number of visits of this web. For more information you can access Piwik..

External links to social networks

This website has external links to other websites that may treat the information in accordance with other Privacy Policies (e.g., social networks such as Linkedin). In no case the COMPANY-owner of this website is responsible for the third parties´ use of the information provided linking to the social networks.

To improve your experience as a User, this website has enabled linking buttons of Linkedin, that allows you to share with your social net only that content which is of your interest. Also, buttons of social networks avoid the trouble of contributing your personal data to these websites by taking advantage of the information already shared to the mentioned social networks, data that we do not have access to.

Updates and changes

The Owner may modify this Cookies Policy in accordance with legislative requirements, regulations, or for the purpose of adapting it to the instructions issued by the Spanish Agency of Data Protection, therefore Users are advised You are advised to regularly check Cookies Policy terms and conditions for any amendments or updates.