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PRODESA is an Engineering company, with the headquarters in Zaragoza (Spain) and branch offices in Atlanta (USA), Paris (France) and Moscow (Russia) whose activity consists of providing comprehensive tailor-made solutions for the production of solid biofuels and the protection of the environment.  

The company acts as an Industrial Plant Contractor, providing the complete range of services from Project Development, Design, Construction, Operation and Maintenance and upgrade industrial and domestic wood pellet plants.

The Spanish company began its activity in 1999. It was founded by Jose Ignacio Pedrajas and Jose Manuel Martinez, both CEOS of PRODESA Medioambiente.
From the very beginning the company has been developing in the environmental and energy sectors.
First projects were related to technologies of valorization of agricultural food waste, pulp, etc. and its transformation into raw materials for animal food.
Nowadays the main activity of PRODESA is focused in the design and construction of turnkey plants related to the valorization of wood and forest residues for the production of solid biofuels such as wood chips and wood pellets. Besides, PRODESA´s pellet plants can be associated to CHP Plants cogeneration, that provides thermal and electric energy for the internal use of the plant and other applications.

PRODESA offers Engineering Procurement and Construction contract for the Turnkey solutions referred to turnkey EPC solutions, complete pelleting plant or single process lines such us: Raw material processing (debarking, chipping, wet milling), Cogeneration units (CHP, ORC), complete Biomass Drying line (belt dryer, drum dryer, furnace, water boiler), Pelleting Line (hammer mill, pellet mill, cooler, sieve), Storage and Bagging Line and Gas Treament, for the treatment of several types of biomasses.

EPC Turnkey solutions

Thermal drying

Wood processing

Pellets production

Biomass CHP

Gas treatment

From its origins PRODESA aims to provide the best available technologies. The experience from its foundation to the present time has shown that the indispensable premise of offering cutting edge technologies and solutions of maximum reliability is the only way for obtaining demonstrative results, thus ensuring the sustainable development of all our clients.

PRODESA’s professional team consists of multidisciplinary group of people which make possible to cover every stage of the projects, understanding every single need and reaching the best solution for our customers:

  • EPC solutions
  • Process engineering
  • Basic and detailed engineering
  • Laboratory Analysis
  • Manufacturing
  • Assembly and commissoning
  • Maintenance and technical after-sales assistance
  • Plant operation and management
  • Revamping of existing plants

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