PRODESA starts assembly of the second satellite plant for Drax Biomass

The first satellite plant for Drax Biomass in Leola is nearing completion and assembly has begun on the second in Russellville  site. This second satellite plant is also located in Arkansas (US) and has the potential to produce around 40,000 metric tons/year of sustainable biomass pellets. PRODESA is responsible for the mechanical assembly as well [...]

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PRODESA completes the commissioning of a new pellet plant in the US

PRODESA commissioned a new pellet production plant in Georgia (USA) with a capacity of 70,000 industrial pellet I1. Not only PRODESA carried out the engineering, manufacturing, construction and commissioning of the grinding and milling line, but also we have been responsible for the development of the dry storage and feeding system, pellet storage and train [...]

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PRODESA, to start commissioning the pelleting extension for Enviva pellet plant

The extension of Enviva pellet plant in Greenwood (SC) will add an extra production of 14 tons per hour to the 70 tons hour existing line, which PRODESA also implemented. PRODESA is responsible for the design, development and construction of the project. The Company will ensure the performance of the additional equipment providing technical assistance [...]

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PelletBOX by PRODESA, transforming small and medium pellet plants profitability

PelletBOX is a containerized pellet plant with a capacity of 5 tons per hour of both domestic and industrial pellets that includes grinding and milling lines in four certified sea containers, pre-assembled and completely tested before expedition. With minimum floor needs, its compact design and construction gives an easy installation and commissioning at site and [...]

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PRODESA after sales division, to maximize pellet production profitability

PRODESA provides, among others, a reliable management of parts supplying and manufacturing rollers and dies for different brands, and optimizing logistics thanks to its widespread network of customer centers.   From there, PRODESA KAMs give support 24/7, both on-site and remotely, and have direct communication with every plant, guaranteeing an immediate assistance. Other services include revamping [...]

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PRODESA continues to expand its portfolio of turnkey projects in the US

PRODESA has recently signed further agreements to develop turnkey solutions for pellet production in the US states of Texas and Mississippi, with a capacity of 5 ton/hour, and Louisiana, for Drax existing 525.000 metric tons pellet plant. Our current turnkey developments in the country are moving forward reaching assembly stages in pellet production projects in [...]

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PRODESA, already working in DRAX biomass projects in the US

DRAX Biomass, part of energy corporation Drax Group, signed an agreement to develop new pellet production facilities in Arkansas. PRODESA has a long-term experience carrying out biofuel production facilities with the highest technologies; covering from the conception until the commissioning and operation of the plant. From its service center in Atlanta (GA), PRODESA will provide [...]

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PRODESA belt dryer for Tolko Pinnacle pellet plant, already in operation

January 14, 2021 PRODESA successfully commissioned the 325-m2 size belt dryer for the new pellet plant in High Level, Alberta (Canada), owned by Northern Pellet Limited Partnership, the joint venture between Pinnacle Renewable Energy and Tolko Industries Limited. The scope of supply comprises the design, manufacturing and construction as well as the assembly supervision [...]

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PelletBOX by PRODESA, beyond expectations

Thanks to the first class equipment, same design criteria and proven equipment as the big plants, the containerized pellet plant, designed and commissioned by PRODESA in Texas (USA) at the beginning of 2020, presents a higher performance, 20% above the nominal production. With a small size and a compact design, PelletBOX combines multiple modules to [...]

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PRODESA introduces Smartpellet for production monitoring

PRODESA brings out Smartpellet, a predictive software meant for production monitoring processes, forecasting manufacture levels, and assess main indicators performance. Smartpellet uses Machine Learning predictive models to assess production efficiency and present real-time data in a fully customized visual board. This production monitoring tool will become key for pellet producers to maintain the highest quality, [...]

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