Since the beginning of Prodesa, we have always opted for a strong internationalization of our brand, expanding our borders and bringing solutions from pellet plants all over the world. Therefore, we are especially proud to communicate the success of the implementation of our latest project: Skeena Sawmills.
This is the first complete pelletizing plant designed and implemented entirely by Prodesa in Canada, a big case of success that has followed the turnkey model. Thanks to this new plant, chips, barks and other byproducts from the Skeena sawmill are used as raw material for the manufacture of industrial pellets destined for the international markets of Korea and Japan.
These facilities have a drying band to reduce humidity and three pelletizers that raise production to 96,000 tons per year.
In addition, Prodesa is currently working in more projects in Canada, including the facilities of Barrette and Irving, which will consolidate its establishment in this market.