The BOP (Balance of Plant) is composed of all those systems that are part of a pellet plant, which are essential for its correct functioning, but that do not form part of the industrial process or the transformation of wood to pellet.

Therefore, the BOP is composed of a whole series of very heterogeneous systems, which assist in this process: Urbanization, Civil works and buildings, Various Services and Supplies such as water, electricity, … and other Auxiliary Services such as fire protection or compressed air that are usually included in the chapter called utilities.

The ADVANTAGE for the client to order an EPC project that includes both process and BOP, is that the client will have a single point of contact who will deliver all the necessary facilities, a complete plant.  With this approach, clients are assuming a lower risk in terms of deadlines, costs, and getting an optimization of the design to include all the disciplines (industrial process, civil engineering) and therefore optimization of the final cost of the plant and of its maintenance and operational costs.

For example, PRODESA has been involved lately in a project in Jasper (Tennessee, USA).

The project consisted of Process Improvements through a Revamping of an existing pellet plant, with a current production of 112.000 ton/y.

In the process of this Revamping, Process Improvements are being carried out:

  • New dry product storage
  • New pellet mills feeding system
  • New automation and control system
  • Plant assistance (on site) for new plant improvements
  • New pellet silos discharging system
  • New truck and train loading systems

It is included as well all the BOP (500.000 $ approx. total) related to these works: implantation of a closed dry storage, and foundations.








Some images of these civil works, part of the BOP (Moving Floors)