Design, Manufacturing and Supply of complete wood pellet plants, biomass dryers and biomass fueled CHP plants under an “EPC + O&M” model

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Jose Ignacio Pedrajas
Prodesa USA President

Forcus Martínez
Sales Engineer

+1 770 559 5736

Christophe Garnier
Sales Engineer

+ 33 (0)7 83 73 64 02

Sergei Kotikov
Sales Representative

+7 926 619 74 89
+7 903 717 34 69

Victor Monge
Sales Engineer

Lot 7825 Block 31, Kemena Land District
97000 Bintulu, Sarawak. MALAYSIA

+60 16-572 0437 // +34 976 459 459


    Gas treatment

    • Chemical
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Printing/Coating
    • Food
    • Automotive

    Biomass/Wood Pellet

    • Timber / Lumber
    • Furniture
    • Sawmills
    • Biomass Power Plants
    • Pulp and Paper


    Dozens of successful references worldwide, to guarantee the manufacturing process the production of solid bio-fuels and the protection of the environment

    Pellet Production Capacity 1.620.000 ton/y
    CO2 Reduction 2 Million Ton/y
    Emisions Purified 6.800.000 Nm3/h
    Green Energy Produced 9,1 MW


    Recent Posts

    Wood Bioenergy International Biomass Conference & Expo, Atlanta

    Wood Bioenergy International Biomass Conference & Expo, Atlanta

    PRODESA NORTH AMERICA will participate in the Wood Bioenergy Internation Biomass Conference & Expo in Atlanta. 11& 12 April

    Sponsor Bronze, in the booth B701B.

    The 2016 Wood Bioenergy Conference & Expo attracted 320 industry professionals from the industrial wood pellet, heating wood pellet, biomass power, biofuels and in-woods chipping sectors. More than 40 speakers, including leadership from the major producer companies, addressed market forecasts, international supply chain and production technologies. The event was supported by 70 equipment and technology exhibitors, of which 37 exhibited in both the Wood Bioenergy and PELICE events.

    Most forecasts point to 2018 as the beginning of a resurgence in the wood bioenergy industry. For example, several new industrial wood pellet plants, which started up in 2017, will be moving into full production mode just as international market demand beckons for additional supply.

    Meanwhile, biomass power plants continue to start up around the world as more countries integrate biomass power into their electricity infrastructure

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    3rd BIOENERGY CONGRESS, Saint Petersburg (20-21 March)

    3rd BIOENERGY CONGRESS, Saint Petersburg (20-21 March)

    Our colleague Sergei Kotikov, Sales Representative at Prodesa is ready to participate in this event, the largest international congress of technologies and equipment for the production and combustion bioenergy from wood in Russia.

    Key figures for this edition?

    • 40+ speakers, top specialists of federal and international companies.
    • 150+ attendees from all over Russia.
    • 10+ countries and representatives from Austria, Germany, Italy, Latvia, the Netherlands, Finland, France, Sweden etc.

    Хорошая поездка! 

    More info at:

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    Prodesa provides Technical Support to SUMITOMO CORPORATION, Japanese main player in the Biomass Pellet Field

    Prodesa provides Technical Support to SUMITOMO CORPORATION, Japanese main player in the Biomass Pellet Field

    Sumitomo Corporation, worldwide general trading house that handle the majority of the wood pellet imports to Japan, made two important investing movements during 2017 to reinforce its leading position in the biomass pelletizing sector and, in both cases, trusted PRODESA to provide our Technical advice and engineering jobs.

    At the beginning of the year, Sumitomo selected Prodesa to develop a Technical inspection to Pacific BioEnergy wood pelletizing plants in British Columbia, Canada, with a total production of more than 550.000 metric tons per year.

    During this technical inspection, our mission was to analyze in detail the process and machinery, suggest improvements and check the flexibility to adapt to raw material modifications.

    In July, Sumitomo confirmed the acquisition of 48% share of Pacific BioEnergy.


    Later on, Sumitomo once again relied on Prodesa to carry out an Evaluation and Technical Study, in this case to the 175.000 tons year of sugarcane straw and bagasse pelletizing plant that Cosan Biomassa (Joint venture with COSAN) has in Jaú (Brazil).

    The offer included evaluation services for this innovative pelleting production plant and our advice for future plants of this promising biomass energy source.

    Two weeks ago Sumitomo confirmed the decision to increase their participation in the JV

    With these positive decisions, Sumitomo demonstrates his strong commitment and support to the Biomass renewable energy, role model now and in the future.

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