Design, Manufacturing and Supply of complete wood pellet plants, biomass dryers and biomass fueled CHP plants under an “EPC + O&M” model

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Presence in 3 continents

Jose Ignacio Pedrajas
Prodesa USA President

Forcus Martínez
Sales Engineer

+1 770 559 5736

Christophe Garnier
Sales Engineer

+ 33 (0)7 83 73 64 02

Sergei Kotikov
Sales Representative

+7 903 717 34 69
+7 926 619 74 89

Victor Monge
Sales Engineer

Lot 7825 Block 31, Kemena Land District
97000 Bintulu, Sarawak. MALAYSIA

+60 16-572 0437 // +34 976 459 459


    Gas treatment

    • Chemical
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Printing/Coating
    • Food
    • Automotive

    Biomass/Wood Pellet

    • Timber / Lumber
    • Furniture
    • Sawmills
    • Biomass Power Plants
    • Pulp and Paper


    Dozens of successful references worldwide, to guarantee the manufacturing process the production of solid bio-fuels and the protection of the environment

    Pellet Production Capacity 1.620.000 ton/y
    CO2 Reduction 2 Million Ton/y
    Emisions Purified 6.800.000 Nm3/h
    Green Energy Produced 9,1 MW


    Recent Posts

    Prodesa in Bois Energy Fair (30&31 March 2017)

    Prodesa in Bois Energy Fair (30&31 March 2017)

    Prodesa Medioambiente will be at BOIS ENERGY, in Limoges (France) 30-31 Mars 20017.

    You are invited to visit us in stand C109 in Grand Palais. Our Sales Department, with our colleagues Laura Martinez, Proposals Manager & Christophe Garnier, Sales Manager, French countries will be more than delighted to attend you.

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    Prodesa Asia on track again with a new project: Vietnam

    Prodesa Asia on track again with a new project: Vietnam

    A new Project was launched in Asia. This time we are travelling to Vietnam.
    Thanks to our previous experience in this continent after commissioning our plant of Green Pellet Sarak, we have obtained a new contract.
    The project consist on a Belt Dryer and its feeding system placed in an existing plant in Vietnam.  The client wants to increase its capacity up to 80.000 ton/year of pellets and has entrusted to our dryer in order to achieve this objective.
    The size of this Belt Dryer will be 130 m2 and will produce 10 ton/h of dry microchips and sawdust.
    The thermal power required for the dryer, 5.600 kW will be delivered by a Biomass Boiler which is out of our scope of supply.

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    Prodesa will travel to the beautiful Italy for ….

    Prodesa will travel to the beautiful Italy for ….

    A new signed contract: Beautiful Italy is waiting for us with a project that consist on a Wood Pellet Plant and CHP Plant in the South of the country. 

    A new company has been created for this project, formed by local companies with experience in renewable energy and local forestry explotation.
    The absence of wood pellet plants in the south of Italy plus the availability of raw materials, leads our client to install a wood pellet plant in this area.
    By this way they can sell the pellets in the region in a very competitive way.
    Besides this, they decided to associate the Pellet Plant to a Biomass Cogeneration Plant in order to supply thermal energy to the plant and to reduce the electrical costs.
    The start up of the plant will be done in September 2017.
    PRODESA will supply the Turn Key plant for both Pellet production and Cogeneration unit. Besides this, an Operation and Maintenance contract for 2 years operation is signed between Smart Operations (PRODESA Group Company).
    Boiler horizontal        BoilerBoiler construction in progress 
    The production
    The pellet plant capacity is 42.000 ton/year and the electrical production from the cogeneration unit is 1 Mwe.
    The raw material used will be logs from different wood species, so the plant includes a Debarking & Chipping line as the first stages of the process.
    The Cogeneration will produce 4,2 MW of hot water that will be used in the belt dryer to reduce the moisture content of the wood.

    The profitability of the project
    On the cogeneration side, the plant produces 1 MW of electricity per hour which reduces the electrical costs of pellet production, a key point in this project.
    In terms of pellet production, the most important is the cost of raw materials and the optimization of other operating costs.

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